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Thinking of making your own wedding rings with Mark here are a few testimonials from couples who did.

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Dear Mark,

Thank you again for such a wonderful day, one we will remember and wear for the rest of the foreseeable future. The day was great and we loved being so hands on with the entire process. Cant thank you enough for the laughs and the learning. Plus a lovely lunch and bubbles in the garden.


Adele & Luke

We had a lovely day at Mark's studio in Whitstable, and we felt very well looked after - the ring making was much easier than we'd expected, and we were closely guided at every step of the way. We also spent a lot of time being plied with tasty food and drink! It was very satisfying to be able to take our hand-made wedding rings away with us at the end of the day, and we love that there is a story behind them. Thank you also for the surprise gift of the pretty earstuds.

Best wishes,

Alison & Tom

Mark made our wedding ring making day wonderful and unforgettable. His clear and precise instruction made us who had no experience making  jewellery feel immediately at ease and confident that we would definitely walk away with a pair of rings we are happy with! And indeed, we loved the final rings we made. His workshop was nice and welcoming. His attention to details and his hospitality just added to the brilliance of the day---even as far as checking our preference on food for lunch, and making sure we have convenient and secure place to park our car. The flow of the day was relaxing and productive at the same time. We had a great day and left with a big smile on our face. Thank you Mark, for making this part of our wedding preparation a very special memory.

From Eva (Xu) and Sam

Good morning Mark,  

Hope this sunny Monday morning finds you well. Before anything I just want to say again, thank you so much for Saturday. Honestly we are both so happy to have had the experience and to have made a cherished memory. Jamie (after a couple of glasses of wine later on admittedly) confessed that, at the end when we saw the rings in the box, it was quite emotional for him, and I am thoroughly in agreement on that score.

Thanks  again

Hannah & Jamie

Simon & I initially got in touch to re-size my engagement ring (a beautiful heir loom from Great Auntie Grace) but we quickly realised that a day making our own bespoke wedding rings with Mark would be a wonderful thing. 
We weren’t wrong! I think the idea of creating each others rings that we will go on to wear all our lives is steeped in romance and we will go on to cherish those memories forever. The moment we arrived we felt welcomed with open arms into his family home and studio and our day of shaping, soldering, hammering, hammering some more, buffing and polishing each other’s rings began. Tea and biscuits in the morning, a delicious lunch and afternoon cake (thank you Jane) helped break up the day and allowed us to reflect on our new skills. Mark is really encouraging and patient and kindly overlooked our shameful lack of skills and finesse. My favourite part of the day has to be the ‘it fits!’ moment – very special.

Thank you Mark

Lucy & Simon

Cannot speak highly enough of our day making wedding bands for each other with Mark. Naturally we were a little nervous, such an important thing for us. But from start to finish he was incredible. We literally made our rings from scratch with Mark as our guide, and the finish was fantastic! What a way to spend a Sunday. Laughs, tea, cake and champagne plus memories bound to the rings we will wear forever, so special.

Love to you both

Tom and Kate

Mark made our 'wedding ring day' a truly unforgettable one. Mark is a friendly, fun guy who spends a lot of time trying to get to know each couple and making sure that the day is individualised for the experience you want. Being able to have a practice initially before being let loose on the real deal was great for us and the day was nicely broken up with tea/coffee, a lovely lunch and then yummy cake in the afternoon. Mark paces the day according to how you want it and we felt that we had a really good go at perfecting our rings with Mark's help. The day was finished with some champagne and snacks with Mark and his wife which was the perfect end to making something truly special which will be with us for the rest of our lives. 

Thanks a million!! 

Zoe and Ant.

Thank you Card from Chris & Elaine about ring day
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